GERMAN "stalking"

Brand new band GERMAN'S first release STALKING is 20 minutes of edited and considered feedback, cut-ups, instrument destruction, thrash, and pure electronics. Washed out, chaotic, pulsing, and strangely surreal and unique. Swirls of frequencies and primal energy mixed with a pathos of frenzy and paranoia. This is raw, mysterious, and only the introduction of a project worth keeping an eye on.


Our first package also includes a 12 page cd booklet which goes along with the albums concept.

Track listing is:

Shaman Pogrom
Exit Orgasm
Sleeping Amputee
Information Fetish
Midnight Stroker

PayPal to Abienstock@gmail.com

Small sample of recording is on
We really don't want to be another "myspace" band so there is only one, but telling short track to give a short taste of one of our tracks. Our CD is filled with detail and variation. Both control and pulse as well as unhinged chaos. 8 BUX

Here is also our first live show. This again is only a short taste. Our material is edited and considered. Live we wanted to be as freeing and destructive as we wanted.


Thank you very much and hope you decide to check out the CDR to hear our full scope of sound and energy.




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